22 thoughts on “England v Denmark 3-0 WC 2002 Full Highlights

  1. I’m sure Rio didn’t plan to score but just to head the ball back across maybe to Owen and slot the ball home, though marked by Sorensen prevented him from doing so. Fortunately, Rio’s header was low enough for Sorensen to lose balance and divert the ball just over the goal line before flicking it away. Personally I’d credit that goal to Heskey seeing as he banged the ball in properly. Plus would’ve the referee or linesman had a good view of the ball crossing the line after Sorensen’s last touch?

  2. Ukraine didn’t outclass them, the only reason they didn’t lose is because when Defoe scored a goal while holding off a defender, the defender went down (held his face when his neck/chest was held). This system now allows for much more creativity because Gerrard stays back, while Wilshere and Cleverly create. I didn’t say England don’t dive, Ashley Young would end that argument. The point about Argentina is that they can dish it out but can’t take it. They cheat every bit as much as England.

  3. England have had some outstanding technical players over time like Gascoigne, Waddle, Hoddle, Barnes, Beardsley, these players could dribble with the ball and beat defenders but the 2000’s players like Beckham, Gerrard, Lampard did not have that ability. Rooney used be good at running with the ball but he lost it. The recent wingers like Walcott, Lennon, SWP have been fast players with average ball control.

  4. It works because of one friendly result? Let’s not forget England were outclassed by Ukraine at home and Poland away recently. What have Simeone’s and Maradona’s actions got to do with Owen’s diving. You implied that English players don’t dive much and I gave you an example showing that they do. What about Rooney’s stomp on Carvalho’s nuts? Power and pace will never win you anything if you don’t have the technique to go with it.

  5. England’s system works now, and the 2002 team was built on strength/pace because that’s why the Premier League demands, and English players never leave. I’d take an accusation of diving much more seriously if you used an example other than Argentina, Maradona handballed a goal, and in 1998, Simeone made a virtually harmless kick look like Satan had struck him down. Messi is also no saint.

  6. Yeah they played good in a friendly at home, very good! The only reason for that was because they had a player with good technique that could run at players – Wilshere. Rooney could also do that in his younger Everton years but I guess it was coached out of him at Utd. This 2002 team had no such players. Also Owen, Gerrard and Rooney are some of the biggest divers in the last 10 years. Look at Owen’s dives against Argentina. Anyway I like watching technical football not kick and rush.

  7. Actually the last time England played decent football was on Wednesday…. against Brazil. Why would I look back at a tournament and think that? The teams that play tiki-taka football are normally the ones who dive and strive for defenders to become extra midfielders rather than defenders.

  8. That’s the typical English mentality, ‘as long as we win, we don’t care how we win’ That’s all good and well but when you get knocked out you can’t look back and say we played some decent football at least. The last time England played decent looking football was 1996 and that was at home. France 98 was ok, From the Sven era to now, it has been boring defensive football, far worse than catenaccio of the 60s.

  9. They all count. To be honest, if it’s legal, then I couldn’t give two shits about how it’s done.

  10. The second goal was pure class, great movements and great passes! Do you agree?

  11. 61-39% possession to Denmark, even back then England were long ball. All 3 goals here were very scrappy. Even in the next match England got a scrappy goal against Brazil.

  12. What a team England Had Back then! Danny Mills was in his Prime, what a world class Full Back he was! And a young Heskey Chaseing every ball and Mesmorizing the Defences with his Sublime skills and Ability, what a Speed Demon he was then.. Pity he’s now lost a yard of pace.

  13. I remember this match as a rare uplifting England win at a recent tournament, but watching this we were actually shite, and the Danish just defended terribly

  14. How on earth Rio claimed that goal I will never know – it wasn’t even going in the direction of the goal!

  15. If it was not for your goalkeeper it would have been more than 3-0, he played well

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