It’s a new beginning for the Danish national side

Denmark failed to qualify for the 2016 Euro’s and have recently experienced a number of switches with the prominent figure Daniel Agger announcing his retirement not only from the international stage but also from football in it’s entirety as the former captain of Denmark has been suffering from a number of health issues that has been affecting him in these past few seasons.

Daniel Agger decided to retire at the age of 31 and even with all of the requests from the current coach of Denmark Age Hareide, it made no difference upon the decision of Agger as the former Liverpool player stated that he just couldn’t continue to do it.

The Danish player announced his decision to step down from the pitch and no longer play at a competitive level during a news conference as he said: ‘’It’s been a tough decision but I am pulling the plug. It has been difficult in recent years. The last two-three years I think I’ve been at an acceptable level but acceptable is not good enough for me. I don’t want my level to fall any further and so it time to stop’’
During Agger’s international career representing Denmark in competitions, he made 75 appearances and scored 12 goals and eventually went on to become one of the most influential players for his national side as he turned into a captain in the later stages of his career.

Daniel Agger’s retirement from football marks the end of a very influential figure in the world of football Denmark at the same time is going through a transition of revival, of a new beginning with Age Hareide being selected as the new manager of the Danish national side as he replaced Morten Olsen who was sacked after not being able to qualify for the 2016 Euro’s.