15 thoughts on “Netherlands vs Denmark Euro 2012 Group B 09/06/2012 FIFA 12 Preview Full Highlights

  1. Dutchfarmers are always so very arrogant and always nagging about small things;
    the neighbour music is to loud ?
    ot the smell of barbeque is so bad their closeth wasing get dirty , this are the big dutchfarmers problems compared with africa have no food ?
    the very spoiled dutch nagging unsatify land.
    How small this land are so very small they think = shorty thinking = narrow minded very racist .
    always want to overrule you / always want to commending you how to life treat you like a dirty dog

  2. yh, I was suprised by the result and they done really well.
    but their group was “the group of death” so don’t get offended because i thought they were gonna lose.

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