24 thoughts on “Serbia 19:21 Denmark FINAL (last minutes)

  1. hahahha are u seriuos? france and croatia best handball teams in last 20 years…

  2. In women, women handball is too short for the life?! – See some real handball!

    SERBIA – denmark 29 – 26
    denmark is out ahahhaha

  4. denmark is the best team! 🙂 no wonder, we created handball, so it’s only great that we can be the best and win over so many great team that is a part of something so huge, that a small country like denmark created, i love my country denmark <3 and it's just a great joy to see so many country's getting together for something like this, good luck next time everybody 🙂

  5. First of all: I fucking didnt brag about anything, i fucking told Marcedonian and Serbian guys(that trashed Denmark and said they didnt deserve it) to shup up, and YES, we did deserve it.

    Second of all: I never said: “YOU ALL SUCK”. If you saw me comment that anywhere, please tell me. Although i didnt.

    Third of all: Of course the danish commentators went crazy! We fucking won the European Championship. Its very rare for a small country like us to in something big like that!

  6. You ashame me that you are danish. You have bragged on EVERY VIDEO with shitty comments like “WE DESERVED IT YOU ALL SUCK”…

    Anyways, you guys should try to have seen this with danish commentators. They went crazy.

  7. Ah shut up you dick. Sure you beat Croatia, but we beat you. And im not trashing you because we won. Have some sport.

  8. Ah shut up you dickhead. Sure we won, but dont be a prick about it! Have some sport!

  9. Croatian guys like Denmark because they beat Serbia, bacause Serbia beat Croatia.

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