Top Clubs in Football got to be Richest after TV rights Sell

Earlier in February, Sky and BT Sport agreed on making a deal involving the broadcasting TV rights of the Premier League which was reported to be worth £5.14. This cash injection has allowed all the clubs in the top tier English League on entering the top 30 richest clubs in the world thanks to their revenue and this can also help out the clubs on signing foreign talent with this extra cash.

This astronomically high cash deal that was done brings a number of positive effects but at the same time it delivers numerous consequences which are harmful to the English national football team as the former Tottenham Hotspur chairman Lord Sugar said that this deal is doing more damage than good.

Lord Sugar confirmed that £340m of the recent deal will be spent on the development of youth centers which is good news the teams in the Premier League but a big portion of the remaining money is not going to be spent in the way that it should in order to help the national team as more and more cash will be used to sign players from abroad and not allow the improvement of England’s football squad.

“In a way, it’s positive for the teams, but I think it’s pretty negative for the future of international football for England.Will they be happy in years’ time when they realize all the money they have got, they’ve given to players and players’ agents is another story.”

“Football was never started as a business. We don’t have a chance of winning World Cup or European Championships again, it’s because of money thrown into the league in order for Premier League clubs to survive by hiring in players from abroad and not allowing young players to come and learn their trade.’’ Lord Sugar said as he voiced his opinion concerning the immense deal that was recently done.

Lord Sugar was involved in the Premier League TV rights deal that was originally established in 1992 and the businessman is certain that the new ones which are being made is doing more harm than anything else.