Tottenham dependant on Late Goals in last Games

Tottenham have had a lot of joy in recent weeks when it comes to late goals. They have helped them get victories against the likes of Hull City.

The importance of late goals has been proven to be vital in the Premier League. It has often helped teams get a point or even three points in many cases. Tottenham have been showing much better form in recent weeks and Danish international Christian Eriksen reckons that this is primarily because of the improved fitness within the squad. It is well-known that Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino favours a high pressing game.

He was necessarily not able to implement this during the first few months because of the players for fitness levels. This has improved as the season has gone on. Now, Eriksen reckons that the squad is benefiting from the fitness regime that Pochettino has implemented at the club. Tottenham have been fairly inconsistent in the last two months, as they have suffered four defeats during this period. After winning only three matches during this time, the prospect of a top four finish appeared to be slipping away. This victory over Swansea, which came late on due to a goal from Harry Kane, has given the club renewed confidence.

“You see the last few games and we’re still 100% ready to go at the end of the game. Before we wouldn’t have been fit enough to go the whole game. There were periods when they had the ball and we had to play different but we had the confidence and the power to keep going for 90 minutes. I think everybody would rather win a little bit earlier but it does give us an extra feeling. You should feel more relaxed at home but at the moment we are getting our points away,” said Eriksen.