25 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Denmark HD 1080i – Euro 2012 By CrixRonnie

  1. In 11:57 Ronaldo misses the the chance, in that position I will for sure score a goal.

  2. they were the best in their time!!! now they are all retired except for ronaldinho which is playing in brasil, cristiano is the best player in the world my friend!! much better than messi!!

  3. oh u mad?? LOL,you think youtube is that stupid? LMAO KIDDY,pls get off the web already. no stupidity needed

  4. Apparently it did. They were in fact ranked 5th right before the start of Euro. Before that they drew twice but it didn’t affect their ranking.

  5. 2 weeks ago Portugal were ranked 5th in the world. They lost to Turkey right before the start of Euro which sank their ranking.

  6. Envy? hmm…ok lol, Spain, Germany=superior class, Portugal are only around 11th in the fifa rankings. stfu.

  7. Lol envy is an ugly thing my friend…Portugal = Superior class.Just pray that your England doesn’t meet up with us in the Euro,or you know what will happen…BUTTHURT!

  8. watch his goals vs sevila,sociedad,osasuna,vallecano,atletico madrid…pathetic deluded kid,get off the web already,u a fan of the lil dwarf?? LMAO thought so,the one who plays like shit for aregentinia…ZERO Goals in Copa America,ZERO Goals in the World Cup…need i say more??
    rest my care
    Portugese Ronaldo Best NOW and Greatest excisted,alive,active,playing.
    bye bye bitch,i will not respond,you can though,and prove that you are a 10 year old,by trying to have the last word…will see 😉

  9. If you’re going to attempt to insult me atleast make some sense, I can only surmise you want to know where Argentina is. You’ll find it in South America.

  10. why do you think he would be the highest payed player in the world if his performance suck ..
    You Dumbass

  11. CR won’t be world great player. He just a famous league class player because he was highest pay player in the world. That was a some deal between team. His performance has never showed he is great player at all.

  12. Yeah, if he had of put away all of the chances he’s had through the tournament….. He would be running away with The Golden Boot by now. Gomez has been fantastic, he’s an out and out goalscorer. I hope Ronaldo starts to play fanastic now that he’s in the Quarters now though 🙂

  13. Ronaldo is nowhere near the greatest, kid. Nowhere. You think having circus tricks, being fast equates to greatest footballer ever? lol gtfo.

  14. lmao,bet you are one of those messi lover’s, who would lpve to shrink some more !! xD wake up kid,ronaldo is faster than zidane,both footed,anddddd that already makes the difference. what? fat,doping,scandal ronaldo+ronaldinho?? well there you got your role models -.- 😉

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