14 thoughts on “Denmark vs Portugal 2-1 Qualification EURO 2012 Full Highlights 11/10/2011

  1. Aceito perder com uma equipa como a Dinamarca,por mérito próprio foram
    bons,mas não aceito perder(incluio a exibicao contra Islandia 5-3)com erros
    defensivos desse género quando temos um defesa central titularissimo no
    real madrid(R.carvalho) e um lateral direito de classe no
    Chelsea(Bosingwa)que não são chamados,especialmente na ausência de
    lesionados como Pepe.Inconcebivel fazer testes em jogos tao importantes,e
    arrogância e por isso,Well Done Denmark.P.Bento deixa-te de
    Birras,Bosig/Carv, já!

  2. @xjohnyboy We will know next month,as the team we faced Bosnia last time
    with,is betthe than this one,they lost Deco,Tiago,Simao…defi a weaker
    squad,I feel that Portugal will be in trouble this time

  3. Well, our country (Debmark) hasn´t always been “the greatest country” to
    football, but when we want things to happen, it happens!!!! GO

  4. @rafarafina i agree but dont forget he was the one that improved portugal
    by alot hes like the new scolari

  5. One more thing Sorensen injured = terrible goalkeeper, Sorensen healthy =
    Gawd, thats why Denmark lost to fking Portugal and Germany during the
    actual tournament because Sorensen was injured once again and noob Stephan
    Andersen had to play all three matches…

  6. @lucatiti 5:05 – 5:10 Messi dives too and he cant score amazong goals like
    this one, So shut up hater.

  7. Its always a pleasure to see Portugal lose. I lost counts of the number of
    times Ms. Cristina dive during the game.

  8. Was in Parken for this, atmosphere was AMAZING. Things like this that make
    me so proud to be Danish

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