20 thoughts on “Euro 2012 – Day 2 – Group B Round 1 – Denmark vs. Holland – Germany vs. Portugal Round-Up Discussion

  1. I think Messi would disagree with that haha. If Ronaldo wasn’t so concerned
    with stepovers, maybe Portugal would have got that tie! He looked pretty
    though at least 😉

  2. Hate Cristiano Ronaldo! One coz he played for Manchester United (I’m a City
    fan), two coz of constant bad sportsmanship. Driving and trying his utmost
    to get other players sent off. I know he’s a talented player but can’t
    forgive him for his general attitdude!

  3. lol i’m watching the game right now. they look pretty strong, but against a
    very weak team. if ronaldo can stop doing step overs, he actually produces

  4. This is actually one of the best analyses on the Denmark-Netherlands match
    on youtube. Well done guys.

  5. Go Portugal! They did a good job but were unluky. A 1-1 result was more
    fair. It is always a pleasure to whatch them. Cristiano Ronaldo is THE BEST
    PLAYER IN THE WORLD, people that don´t watch is games should stop saying
    nonsense. Força CR7, Força Portugal!!!

  6. yup, not weak team, but weak strategie by the coach. Portugal Spain will be
    hard but with luck we can do it! 😉

  7. but yeah, now with portugal on the semi finals, I bet your opinion has
    changed! we are the best team! potugal will win!

  8. ya totally, if two of the teams from group B switched with two teams from
    group A, Denmark, Holland. Germany, and Portugal would probably all
    advance. Now the Spain vs. Italy game…that was an even higher quality
    than Group B…IMHO

  9. Thanks so much for the compliment! Unfortunately I had to get married today
    so only got to watch the first half of the Italy Spain game, but will be
    watching both games tomorrow!

  10. It’s a shame that the groups are so uneven. The difference in quality
    between group A and B is striking.

  11. Hell ya, that guys an asshole with baditude! hahaha. i don’t know if you
    like Rooney or not, but remember what Ronaldo did to him??

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