25 thoughts on “EURO 2012 Qualifier – Portugal vs. Denmark

  1. i finally get why ronaldo has 35 goals in la liga he just keeps on trying…

  2. i didnt mean it like that i meant thats the friendly and i will hear from you on youtube either win or loose or draw

  3. Mind you, I didn’t mean I was GOING to Warsaw. I won’t. We’ll “see” each other here on Youtube, because I can’t afford to travel abroad for a football game 🙂

  4. Fine, let’s just finish this conversation, as it’s not going anywhere. I stand by my opinion, you stand by yours.
    See you in the next friendly.

  5. they can will they no they loose there first match they loose the balance they will have to work there ass off and win the next two i doubt portugal can beat holland

  6. I’m not worried or concerned at all about Poland, I’m only really interested in Group B,where I know Portugal can well finish in the top two. We’re currently vastly underrated.

  7. denmark beat you once they can do it again… holland can easily slap portugal around… germany can easily embarrass portugal in the past meetings portugal comes no were close to beating or drawing with germany … sorrie… but i still see portugal ending 3rd or even 4th worring bout poland? poland will win the opener

  8. likely than a win or draw,despite all the rubbish of the media telling that we have no chance, haha.

  9. and extremely creative wingers and forwards, like Ronaldo,Nani,Veloso,Moutinho I would bet on Portugal scoring at least 1 against them.The outcome?I don’t know,but the loss ISN’T any more

  10. And then there’s the game against Netherlands.It’s a tough bone,but Portugal has still very good defenders (like Pepe and Alves) that should stop Robben,Huntelaar and co. like

  11. No, you’re merely applying your hatred of Portugal into unfavorable results against it and then telling ME to snap to reality… LOL, watch out for yourself first.
    I concede that the outcome vs Germany is likely a loss, but Portugal can well pull off a draw and GASP! a win, if Portugal plays exceptionally. I wouldn’t put my money on the win though, OK.
    Then there’s the game against Denmark which Portugal should by all means win. Anything else would be humiliating for us.

  12. no germany vs portugal opening group b germany prevail portugal vs denmark maybe a draw portugal vs holland a loss for portugal… so…. snap into reality

  13. Nah, you forgot that the games aren’t decided in the odds, but on the pitch, so there’s a high chance you’ll be wrong 🙂

  14. oh well better luck next time i guess for portugal in 2014 brazil or 2016 france

  15. The only reason Poland has a better chance of leaving the group than Portugal is because Portugal has far more difficult opponents to play against. Poland would have a hard time against any of these three: Germany, Netherlands, Denmark. Seeing as Poland has never beaten Germany, the last time you beaten Netherlands was in 1979 and the last time Denmark was beaten was in 1977, I would find it difficult for Poland to progress in such a group, even with home advantage.

  16. loosing to cameroon was bad since our coach just took over… and loosing to austalia was a fluke… and poland leavin group A is easy 80% chance,, and portugal superior lmfao chances slim for portugal they will loose the opener.. and say poland ends up being A1 and portugal B2 portugal will go home

  17. Poland is strong, but not that strong at home. Since WC 2010 they have lost 0-3 to Cameroon, 1-2 to Australia, 0-1 to France and 0-2 to Italy. Granted they did draw 2-2 with Germany, but it was more because they REALLY wanted to beat the germans.
    You focus first on Poland getting out of the group stage before looking at the chances of the superior teams in Group B (including Portugal).

  18. no because poland is almost unstoppable at home… there a tough team at home… but portugal will come no were near 2nd or 1st there gonna loose the opener .. for sure

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