25 thoughts on “Euro Handball Final 2012 – Serbia vs. Denmark 19-21 – Last minute

  1. Serbs, Don’t be sad..This Year will Croatia take the European
    Championship..:P..Only if Denmark stops us..But last year we beat them..:D

  2. Nole, water-polo gold, and handball silver…..plenty to cheer for in a
    matter of a day. Awesome Serbia!!! Let there be many more successful years.
    Congrats to Denmark!

  3. I’m glad we beat Croatia, and for the defeat of Denmark dick hurts!! С.С.С.С

  4. @BrokenCarr0t Lol. Swedish bastard.. ofcause they are the best team when
    the judge carries them all the way to the final.. Denmark has the best team
    in the world no doubt.. and look at the age of the danish team.. they will
    keep to dominate the Hanball many years ago.. Mikkel Hansen.. You’re A
    God!.. this goal is how to taunt lossers.

  5. Can you like show the hammer ??? can you saves ever ???? or kiss my all
    know who is the hammer smil……

  6. @BrokenCarr0t Serbia the best team in the tournament? LOL FUCKING LOL! They
    where helped by the referees i almost all their matches, and they were
    owned by Denmark in the finale as well as they were in the group, but in
    the group Serbia had too much help from the referees, they didnt had that
    in the finale..

  7. Denmark won just because their the Best!Serbians,don’t bull-shit at least

  8. Why hate Denmark? WE are just like other countries…sometimes we are lucky
    and play great and sometimes we sucks

  9. Ajmo Hrvati, svi da odvežete pertle, kad se izgubite ližući unutrašnjosti
    danskih guzica, da možemo da vas izvadimo. Nekad ste pevali Danke Dojčland,
    sad Danke Danmark, možete li vi uopšte da sastavite dva dana da se nekom ne
    šlihtate??? Srbija, u jednom danu, dva zlata i srebro… purgeri duvajte

  10. so called serbs are just converted Turkish people.LONG LIVE DANEMARK

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