25 thoughts on “Handball World Cup 2011 Denmark-Poland 28-27 last 10 minutes

  1. @wannatouchmyballsDKz what a joker, damn boy u r retarded…sut diller din
    lille danske bΓΈsserΓΈv..

  2. @KINGS1976 Uhm.. Yes, Denmark DID win this match? And ALL of the all has to
    be inside the line, all of the ball wasn’t.

  3. @wannatouchmyballsDKz i dont know wich match you have seen , but everyone
    even the danish comentators agree that the ball WAS behinde the line…so
    stop that crap and admit that You have bought the refs and the same thing
    happend against Spain…

  4. @kszywykszywy Oh yeah. He played in OB, and it was something with that he
    hated gay people. Yeah i’m very interested in football πŸ™‚ Barca fan all the
    way πŸ˜€ Greets to you πŸ˜€

  5. @kszywykszywy You are very right! The danish fans rooted at all other
    teams.. I am danish, and i didnt shout and rooted at our opponents when i
    were in MalmΓΆ to watch Denmark. I hate when the danish fans do it, i think
    its poor and ungentle.. They bring shame over our country by doing so.

  6. I will try to upload a HD version. If it doesn’t work then it’s just going
    to be this πŸ™‚

  7. @KINGS1976 haha yeah! It actually surprised me that it wasn’t cheaper then
    your mom.

  8. Poland played in this match very well, but Denmark was better. I love these
    too team, but also I’m Polish and I was proud of my countrymen

  9. @diximanden I don’t know if you are interested in football but Polish
    goalkeeper Onyszko who was playing in your league through about 10 years
    wrote a book (it was loud about that book in your and my country) in which
    said about your opinion about Poles and for you we all are “stupid fat
    plumbers without any knowledge”, so… But it’s a topic for another
    conversation, I only wanted to know why in your today match behavior of
    Danish fans was totally different, just curious πŸ˜‰ Greets πŸ™‚

  10. @diximanden Well perhaps they should’ve started catching up with Denmark a
    bit earlier in the game. BAD TIMING

  11. Denmark did not win this match…as all know the game was 27-27.. but since
    The FAT referee did not see that Poland scored a goal, and the goal keeper
    cheated and bounced the ball away,before the ref could see it, Poland
    lost…But any way good match….and hell of a come back from Poland…

  12. It’s a pity that Danish fans can’t root fair, whistling during polish
    national anthem and all the time we had the ball. Look f.e. on match we
    played today with Serbia, the hall was full of Polish fans and that was an
    example that rooting should be for their team, not against opposite one.
    But after all we are the most hated nation in whole Europe, especially in
    Denmark. I really can’t understand why πŸ˜€

  13. @kszywykszywy fact is that in Denmark we hear all sorts of bad things about
    polish thieves bad plumbers etc. so no wonder we think bad about polish ppl
    in general but what makes u better than us with your assumption that “we
    all hate polish ppl” i have nothing against poland and polish ppl

  14. @kszywykszywy don’t know either, you haven’t done anything πŸ˜€ , btw i’m
    danish so not all danish people hate you πŸ˜€

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