15 thoughts on “JKA World Cup: Japan v Denmark

  1. Don’t get me wrong I am a Yahara Fan, but he did not dominate by any
    stretch of the imagination.

  2. mori was lucky not yahara never seen a ref jump in so quick when a fighter
    goes down then to help him up unheard of

  3. Re: The opening Mawashi-geri: It’s hard to see it here, but Yamamoto
    actually blocks it w/ his left hand (open palm). The kick doesn’t connect
    w/ his head as it looks from here. That’s why neither the ref., nor the
    line judges give the point to the Dane. It’s no question of Ippon. And the
    lad didn’t do anything else in the fight, so let’s chalk up the first bout
    to Japan.

  4. First and last fights should have gone to Denmark. The opening Mawashigeri
    was ippon in my opinion in the first fight. And the Japanese fighter was
    totally dominated by his danish opponent in the fith fight. Actually
    looking again Yahara was lucky not to lose the fourth fight. But I suppose
    it was 1983 and we all were in Awe of the Japanese Karate squad back then.

  5. The first fight- the Denmark athlet gives one perfect jodan mawashi geri,
    and incridble the judge gives one jodan of japanese figter???? Almost all
    judges in70′ and 80′ were happy in gives points to japanese karatecas.

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