8 thoughts on “UEFA Euro 2012 Denmark vs Portugal Gameplay Match Prediction!

  1. Ur prediction is obviously retarded. Denmark is strong this year with the
    like of Krohn-Delhi, Bentner, and Eriksen to name a few. They beat the
    Nettherlands. Shows how good they can really be

  2. Both Players Sucks On Fifa 12, Pes 12 is mutch Better! Players faces Are
    real suck! Play Pes!!

  3. Wow that was really… bad. This is a seriously shitty video, Portugal is
    gonna win but that last part of the video when u were just standing
    there????? WTF!!!! The score should have been 5-1. Plus you play like crap,
    the difficulty looks like it`s on Amateur! Semi-Pro MAXIMUM. That is all.

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