25 thoughts on “UEFA Euro 2012 Netherlands vs Denmark Gameplay Match Prediction!

  1. i dont like Denmark either it just surprised me that Holland could beat
    Brazil but not Denmark

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  3. Everyone knows Denmark did not play well.. They got lucky… it also Doesnt
    mean that Netherlands are shit team.. nor it means that Denmark will beat
    Portugal.. Teams usually dont care a lot about friendly matches.. It will
    be a Tough Game between Denmark and Portugal.. but portugal will win…

  4. Yes i do know that, but, First, in the match against Holland at the World
    Championships 2 years ago, Denmark was not near the best squad, almost half
    of the players from Denmark, if not more were slightly injured. Plus, the
    matches between Holland and Denmark were with a 2 years margin, the matches
    between Denmark and Portugal is with a margin of 7 months. THAT’S my point

  5. Portugal played a great match against the Germans.. so this really means
    that they will easily beat Denmark.. Denmark got lucky..

  6. hahahahaha, it isnt an excuse i wrote, you are either extremely dumb or
    arrogant 😉

  7. Dude, we have beat Portugal twice the last times we have faced them. Btw in
    football theres in not luck or bad luck, Holland yesterday wasn’t clinical
    enough and we took the only chance we had and put it into the back of the
    net. Sometimes it’s good to see surprises at these tournaments 🙂

  8. First of all FIFA ruling say grounds for a pk from a hand ball has to be
    hand to ball meaning possibly intentional contact, not ball to hand,
    meaning completely unintentional. DENMARK FTW

  9. First of all, Denmark was not lucky, it was Holland who was bad tbh. And
    you are right it does not mean winning Denmark and Portugal, but, read what
    I wrote, “Especially after the victory over the Netherlands yesterday, as
    everyone knows is a big confidence boost” CONFIDENCE ….. and why are you
    talking about friendly matches … portugal will win maybe, maybe not, end
    of story ..

  10. Just because Portugal played well last night, doesn’t mean They can beat
    Denmark easy as you write, just as Netherland couldn’t beat us last night
    because it wasnt their day 🙂 Denmark did beat Portugal in the qualifier,
    Why should we not do it again?? Especially after the victory over Holland
    yesterday, as everyone knows is a big confidence boost

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