25 thoughts on “Handball World Cup 2011 FINAL!! Denmark-France 35-37 overtime last 5 minutes

  1. Very god game´╗┐ for Danemark .Amazing player Mikkel Hansen:O and Luc Abalo..

  2. Seems like an odd sport to have incorporated into the Olympics, but´╗┐ it at least seems like a sport still.

  3. In this video they play much slower because they are in extra time-it was a tie after 60 min of regular playing time.-and they were really tired. If you want more attractive handball type into youtube handball bundesliga top plays and you will see some awesome skills. BTW-its one of the most violent sports,i played as line player and recevied many injuries,its like american´╗┐ football but without helmets and a lot of faul game goes unnoticed by untrained eye.

  4. you have to be fast, have good reflexes and the team´╗┐ has to be accustomed to playing together.

  5. Trust me – this is one of the toughest games in the world. And it requires extreme´╗┐ skill. It may look easy when the best (the danosh :)) do it, but try to copy some of the things they do……VERY hard. And the best thing about this game, IMO, is the teamplay. It is unique in my view. Im a huge soccerfan, but I have become just as big a handball-fan. Its a GREAT spectatorsport. Mikkel HANSEN is GOD!

  6. The ball is quite heavy and big ^^. (That’s what´╗┐ she said :P)

  7. Well, either you or the Sweden of the 90s. It is important to remember though, that France is a big country and has a larger populace to draw its players from.What is really amazing is the talent development of countries like Sweden, Denmark and Croatia that makes them able to compete even with the big nations(although sweden cant at´╗┐ the moment)

  8. Balic var engang rigtig god ligesom Lars Christiansen engang var´╗┐ en af de bedste. Men s├ądan er det ikke l├Žngere. Danmark har et langt bedre hold en Kroatien.

  9. Thankyou´╗┐ so much for 100.000 VIEWS!!! ­čśÇ you’re Awesome !!! ­čÖé

  10. W┼éa┼Ťnie postanowi┼éem´╗┐ sobie przypomnie┼Ť chwile z przed roku bo ju┼╝ za 30 min czeka mnie kolejny fina┼é oby tym razem Dania wygra┼éa z Serbi─ů.

  11. Hold nu k├Žft han siger det var de 2 bedste hold der spillede´╗┐ kroatien er bedere end danmark balic og vori tager hele bundet

  12. Obviously not anymore, France has´╗┐ been pure shit this time around

  13. They throw the ball about 100 km/h (65-70 mph) and the fight on the line is extreme. Add the fact that most of the players´╗┐ don’t wear any sort of protection at all and you have a very tough sport. Just catching that ball is a challenge for a “normal” person since it’s bigger than it looks (all players are 1.90 and up).

  14. It needs much talent trust me.
    I play since 10 years ago and always when I saw somebody new began´╗┐ to play handball, he was shit.
    It’s very difficult to learn.
    But it’s a very nice sport to play.

  15. svaka ti cast´╗┐ za kom ;)…bolje da nam i ti jebes mamicu nego i neko tko ima kurac ;))

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