25 thoughts on “Mikkel Hansen VS Kiril Lazarov (EHF EURO 2012 Championship: Denmark VS Macedonia)

  1. Fuck me, Mikkel Hansen, he´s a one man army. He is going to win it all for club and country…mark my words.

  2. kiril lazarov is better then mikkel hansen. if kiril have been good in defence so was he world best player

  3. Kiril Lazarov was best at the Euro 2012, no doubt. But as for the goal scoring, Kiril Lazarov shoots penalties, that adds about 3 goals to his goalscore every match. Despite this, Mikkel Hansen is still ahead of him in CL in terms of goals. Mikkel Hansen is the only player in top 5 of goalscorers who is not a penalty shooter. He also plays defense, unlike Lazarov, and he is a superior passer.

  4. Well, you must also take into account that Kiril Lazarov takes the penalties, that adds about 33% or more to his goals. Despite this, Mikkel Hansen still has more goals in this CL than Kiril. Not to mention that Hansen doesn’t change when they swap to defensive, as Kiril does, and Hansen also is the superior passer. That being said, Lazarov is the definition of stable and that is what defines a great player instead of just a good.

  5. Estos tios son unos putos avioness joder viva el balonmano de jumilla


  7. I’m looking forward to watch the Macedonian fans at the next international tournament. because Macedonia is just not good enough when they have no fans with them, and the same with serbia.

  8. Well, Mikkel Hansen is appointed to the best handplayer of the year right now….

    btw, Denmark and Macedonia is both great handballs teams! // A handball lover from Sweden

  9. Guys… Think whatever you want, but it has been proved that Mikkel Hansen is OFFICIALLY THE BEST HANDBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD! Simple is that 😉 Proud to be Danish.

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